Container Decrypter



Extract download links from DLC, CCF and RSDF files


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Container Decrypter, also known as DLC decrypter, is an application that allows you to extract download links from DLC, CCF and RSDF files.

Download managers like JDownloader usually work with DLC files which contains lots of links inside them. It's easier to work with them, because you only have to dowload one file and it automatically download the rest of them. But sometimes you need to know only one of the links included in the DLC file, and that's the moment when Container Decrypter comes into action.

You only have to run Container Decrypter and load the DLC file and you'll see the list of download links, then, copy the one you need and download it using your favorite download manager.

If you are having problems with your download manager or if you only need one of the files that the DLC file downloads, Container Decrypter will be really helpful.
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